I am originally from New York and now live in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. As a high school teen I ran and wrote code for a BBS Server from my bedroom which began my love of technology based problem solving and creativity you need to move the info. After High School I joined the Marine Corps and served 5 years as a UNIX System Administrator, a Radio Repairman installer and maintaining Air Traffic Controls radio assets from a remote location.   

After the Marines I worked as an Engineering Technicians for sometime using Ladder Logic, and similar theories as in high school to move data around. I repaired PLC's, solid state relays, robotics and giant relay logic banks with dual redundant safeties. I comfortably worked with 480/3 Phase voltage systems drawing 1000 amps on start up.

Fast Forward to Present: My wife Angela started Art of Beauty in 2015. An on-location wedding and special event beauty company.  As it grew, it evolved. She got so busy with leads that she asked me if my expertise could help grow the business.  I joined on in 2016 and we re-branded as Bridal Beauty On The Go and Co-Founded the new venture.   I spent 3 years getting that business running smooth with sustainable systems in place.    We wrote training manuals and Standard Operated Procedures so anyone could operate these systems we built.    I now work primarily as my own freelance sales and marketing automation expert,  working with clients daily to help them save and make more money.   I am a clever guy with a lot of experience, confidence in what i can do and offer.   I wont waste your time.  I quote accurately and fairly.   Please setup a 15 Min call so we can figure out some ideas on how I might be able to help.

-Ethan Wood


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