I am a Co-Founder of BridalBeautyOntheGo.com which is where this entire adventure in automation started. We began using Pipedrive CRM software in 2016.  We were writing our leads down on a legal pad before this with notes at that time!!   The ideas just started to flow!  What if our  sales reps got an instant text message?   What if we sent automated emails based on the clients wedding date? Etc.  Problem after problem was solved and it was really exciting to work for me personally.   Bridal Beauty On-the-Go now has over 200 different automated routines giving our sales and operations team the ability to handle much large volume per person while KEEP ORGANIZED.

I am originally from New York and now live in San Diego.   As a high school teen I ran and wrote code for a BBS Server from my bedroom which began my love of  technology based problem solving and creativity you need to move the info.   After High School I joined the Marine Corps and served 5 years as a UNIX System Administrator and a Radio Repairman install and maintaining Air Traffic Controls  radio assets from a remote location.   

After the Marines I worked as an Engineering Technicians for sometime using Ladder Logic, and similar theories as in high school to move data around.  I repaired PLC's, solid state relays, robotics and giant relay logic banks with dual redundant safeties.   I comfortably worked with 480/3 Phase voltage systems drawing 1000 amps on start up.

Fast Forward to Present: My wife Angela started Art of Beauty in 2015.   An on-location wedding and special event beauty company.  As it grew, it evolved.   She got so busy with leads that she asked me if my expertise could help grow the business.  I joined on in 2016 and we re-branded as Bridal Beauty On The Go and Co-Founded the new venture.   I spent 3 years getting that business running smooth with sustainable systems in place.    We wrote training manuals and Standard Operated Procedures so anyone could operate these systems we built.    I now work primarily as my own freelance sales and marketing automation expert,  working with clients daily to help them save and make more money.   I am a clever guy with a lot of experience, confidence in what i can do and offer.   I wont waste your time.  I quote accurately and fairly.   Please setup a 15 Min call so we can figure out some ideas on how I might be able to help.

-Ethan Wood